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Speak up.
There's nothing I regret.
I'm drunk enough.
It's certain that I'll try again.
Wipe it away, like you're afraid of it.
Again, again, again.

There's a certain way that I drift now,
softly into you.
It's uncertain what will be allowed
in this time of youth.

Back at the beginning of the universe, hanging on the edge.
Right at the beginning, I was tripping.
I was tripping on the edge.

There you are again.
There you are.
You are again.

Choo Choo

You're underneath the sheath, I lift my blade.
In the deep of my ambition, I slay my dragons.

Chewed you up, you're tired.
The taste is from sitting here in silence.
The few, few times, you deny it, makes you feel defiant.

The thicker undertone of sweet wild honeycomb.
Shiver side to side, and tamper with our minds.

Cosmic Dreamer

Lead me in as it begins.
From the moment my eyelids fall in.
Oh Cosmic Dreamer, give me a taste of it,
When my lungs are weak and I can’t ask for it.

Then you draw me in and say that I can’t lose again.
Then you draw me in and say that I won’t lose again.

Draw me in.

Oh such a sight surrounded in the pale white light.
Undefined our untrained mind, in the lessons left behind.
Hang us from this spaceless ground.
Oh Cosmic Dreamer, trip me upside down.

Then you draw me in and say that I can’t lose again.
Then you draw me in and say that I won’t lose again.

Draw me in.

Oh Cosmic Dreamer.


Fever in me.
Fever, cold shots through the night.
Oh it winds me, rips breath from my lungs.
Racing with oxygen, to control the air.
Fire in the darkness.
Fire sipping with

Sapphire in the air.

Empty myself, guided by Kepler’s Laws.
Let it move me, take me off my course.
Fire in the darkness.
Fire sipping with

Sapphire in the air.

Fever in me.
Fever cold shots through the night.
Oh it winds me.
Catch fire in the dark.

The Window

Take the long road, I've got the window,
To where we go, to where we know.
Take your time now, maybe drive slow.
To where we go, to where we know.

On the ride home float to the unknown.
As the wind blows, as the wind blows.
On the ride home oh how we've grown.
As the wind blows, so the tides flow.


Break lights capture me in this sound.
Hold me right, right under this ground.
Strange now hearing me out loud.
Illusions makes this this harder to tell.
Harder to tell.

Wake up, better than your dreaming,
Better than this feeling, it’s better than this.
Make up, better than believing,
It's better than deceiving, it’s better than.

Days in and days on end.
Those days have their own friends.
Keep in time and keeping up with their rhymes.
Not sure you can handle the wild.
Handle the wild.

Man oh man today’s one of these.
I hissed and resisted all that came with ease.
There are no fixed walls,
Within these tumbling universal laws.

Moon Call

I was left waiting out for the day,
Keeping in trouble and keeping at bay.
If I live by the quiet light, then I may learn how to play the game


The sun sets down by the water line,
Waiting quietly for the night.
If the moon is on time tonight,
Then they may be alone

I was left waiting out for the night,
Keeping to myself and playing it right.

Certain things, I see that I beg.
Running back to you and oh well I bet.
By the time I can see, you and I, but it’s only me,
and now I know, I’m alone.

I can tell you are with me.
There’s only you.
I can see you.

(I can see you. I can tell that I’m with you.)


In your light I fade.
Every time you seem to fault again.
Eclipsed in retrograde.
When I leave your chaos, I will exuberate.

The eye line is hard to keep,
Into our hands I stare, I stare.

With doubt I reach out,
Not sure I have to stay.
With doubt I reach out,
Before I have to stay.

Oh your words won’t persuade,
Any time you seem at fault again.
The eye line is hard to keep,
Into my hands I stare, I stare.

Quietly Become

Then we quietly become,
The memories of the distant ones.
Hold my hand as we step off the sun.

There’s something in those eyes,
Brighter now than these old great skies.
Don’t you hear?
Don’t you sit me down.
I begin to unwind

I know I can’t go.

There’s something you exude,
Certain kinds of fortitude.
You’re a rock don’t you leave me now
I was built upon your ground.

The Descent

Oh it strikes,
Gazing eyes.
Feathered feeling,
I’m in the Sky.
Floating by.
Space encircling my eyes.

In this sweet descent,
I now rest my head.
In this sweet descent.

Pale Blue

When there’s nothing else left,
Could we find it out there?
Somewhere new.

When it’s all erased,
Will there be a place to go?
We could have longer days,
But a world we call our own.
It’ll take some time,
To get all we need to know.

And the time will come
When the sun will fade away.
And we’re forced to find
A new pale blue in space.


If you leave in a way,
With grace and softness,
I know our orbit moves
This binary system grows dim.

Oh I try to pretend,
Get lost and defend.
Let’s move away from this apastron,
I wanna be again.

Our binary system grows dim.

Album Credits

  • Composed by:
  • Diamond Thug

  • Adrian Culhane, Chantel Van T, Danilo Queiros and Ted Buxton

  • Lyircs:
  • Chantel Van T, Danilo Queiros and Adrian Culhane

  • Produced by:
  • Adrian Culhane, Andrew Rawbone-Viljoen and Danilo Queiros

  • Sound Engineer:
  • Andrew Rawbone-Viljoen (Digital Forest Studios)

  • Mix Engineer:
  • Vicente Espi (Songololo Music)

  • Master Engineer:
  • Pablo San Martin (Esoteric Sound Studios)

  • Artwork:
  • Hannah Shone

  • Special Thanks:
  • Tourmaline Berg, Neil Crowder, Greg Vegas, Dan Garber, Trond Tornes, Caitlin Weare, Dirk Van Niekerk, Michelle Nel, Chelsea Pickering, Kaylin Pond, David Viljoen, Jeremy Rawbone-Viljoen, Aliz Espi, Michael Berg and, of course, to all of our families and friends for supporting us on this journey.